Honolulu, Hawaii – During PTC’17 wholesale carriers Caucasus Online and Sofia Connect today have announced the strengthening of their partnership focussed around the Caucasus Cable System, a submarine cable across the Black Sea which forms the backbone of a unique route between Europe and the Middle East.

The partnership which encompasses commercial and technical collaboration seeks to streamline both companies’ operations in order to embrace more opportunities across the Middle East that emerge from the 2015 accord to lift sanctions against Iran.

Aimed to educate the market about the many advantages of Caucaus Online’s submarine cable the companies jointly have launched a website dedicated to the Caucasus Cable System available at BlackSeaCable.com underpinning the two companies’ longstanding collaboration dating back to 2008.

The dynamics of the geopolitical situation witnessed during the past have highlighted the need for new safe routes between Europe and the Middle East. This is where the newly launched website can educate the market about the geopolitical risks and implications of existing land routes between Europe and the Middle East and the Caucasus Cable System’s advantages as it avoids all major areas of concern while providing highest capacity, lowest latency and outstanding reliability.

“While the Caucasus Cable System was originally laid to provide the Caucasus region with reliable, fast and independent connectivity to Europe, it is gaining importance for the Middle East as not only the shortest, but the safest and highest-capacity route to Europe.” explains Caucasus Online CEO Nickolai Tchiaureli.

The bilateral agreement has a global scope and will also enable the development of new routes reaching further into Asia. It serves as the foundation for even more innovative initiatives which will lead to a rapid growth in lit capacity.

Sofia Connect CEO Yuliy Nushev adds: “Our partnership with Caucasus Online is completely strategic since, among other things, it can open doors to untapped markets and new low-latency routes that have the potential to shift global traffic streams.”

By combining Sofia Connect’s Pan-European network, which was recently extended across the Atlantic Ocean to 10 points of presence across the USA from New York City to Los Angeles, with Caucasus Online’s fiber assets the two companies can immediately provide connectivity between Western Internet hubs and large parts of the Middle East evading all the major conflict zones and bypassing the critical submarine cable route traversing the Red Sea, Egypt and the Mediterranean which has suffered many outages in the past, be it accidentally or intentionally.

About Caucasus Online

Since the recent strategic divestment of its retail business segment, Caucasus Online which is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia, has focused on its wholesale business. The company owns a widespread fiber network across the Caucasus region and is the sole owner of the Caucasus Cable System, a state-of-the-art submarine cable stretching across the Black Sea forming a direct link between the Middle East, Caucasus Region and the European Union by connecting Georgia to Bulgaria. The total design capacity of the Caucasus Cable System amounts to 12.6 Tbps of which currently 0.8 Tbps is lit.
For more information about Caucasus Online, please visit: http://www.co.ge/


About Sofia Connect

Sofia Connect is a leading wholesale carrier with headquarters in Bulgaria, specialized in providing comprehensive connectivity solutions to carriers, ISPs and content providers of all sizes throughout the Balkans, the Caucasus and increasingly in the Middle East regions. The company provides secure and reliable connectivity to the major Data Centers in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. With an upstream capacity in excess of 200Gbps Sofia Connect ranks among the biggest IP transit providers in the region.
Sofia Connect’s service portfolio includes the whole range from IP transit, VPN services, vPOP, wavelength services, down to dark fibre provisioning.
For more information about Sofia Connect, please visit: https://sofia-connect.net/

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