Now is time to

Make a change!


We strongly believe that any big change, starts with all of us making a small one – like changing the way we go to work.

The need of more physical activity and the constantly rising air pollution are something that has to change, and we decided we can contribute about it.

Just a few days ago, Sofia Connect Team got our own, brand new bikes! There are plenty of those for our partners and customers, for when they come to visit.

And this is just the first step. We promise there is more to come, because Make a change! Campaign is just starting, so be ready to join us.


For those of you, still reluctant to go for the bike, here are some very good reason why you should go for it:

  • It's a free gym on wheels.
  • It is vastly cheaper than driving.
  • You won't miss morning traffic jams.
  • You'll never have to worry about a parking spot again.
  • Because all of your excuses not to bike are lame :)

We get it. Biking makes you sweat. Drivers are tyrants. You could smack into a car door and knock yourself out.

But hear us out. Start slowly. Buy a sturdy helmet, put a change of clothes into your basket, or, better yet, leave some at the office. Research the safest bike route to take (Google Maps offers biking directions in most cities), and read up on the rules of the road for cyclists.


And the most important thing – enjoy it and...

Make a change!

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