Today Sofia Connect has unveiled plans to establish a point of presence in Hong Kong which will enter service by end of July. Sofia Connect CEO Yuliy Nushev said the decision was driven by the increasing data traffic between Asia in the East and Europe in the West which leads to corresponding demand for reliable intercontinental bandwidth from customers in both regions.
Sofia Connect's new POP will be located at Sino Favour Centre (新華豐中心), 1 On Yip St, Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong from where it will initially link through international submarine cables to the company's existing POP in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Hong Kong has been selected because of its role as gateway to South East Asia and its vast access to submarine cables which land close to the Sino Favour Centre. With a collocation area of over 4600m², the Sino Favour Centre is one of Hong Kong's most important data centers and home to many telecom providers including submarine cable operators, international and domestic carriers.
The deployment is expected to improve interconnectivity, decrease latency and strengthen routing reliability for traffic into Southeast Asia, a region that will lead global traffic growth over the next years.
Sofia Connect operates an intelligent IP network spanning from Western European Internet hubs over Central and Eastern Europe to the Caucasus region where it provides tailored world class connectivity services to international carriers and enterprises. The company's wide range of services include local and remote peering, IP transit, IP VPN, colocation services and last mile fiber access on numerous local markets. Headquartered in Bulgaria, Sofia Connect leverages the country's unique geographical role as gateway between Asia and Europe as well as its geopolicital stability given its membership in the European Union.

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