In two weeks' time Capacity Conferences will open their gates in Istanbul for Capacity Eurasia 2014, one of the most important events for the European and Asian carrier market. As the conference's geographical focus also perfectly matches Sofia Connect's footprint, it is an obligation for us to attend this exciting event once again.

Since the emergence of more and more terrestrial routes from Asia to Europe, Capacity Eurasia has also gained relevance for intercontinental connectivity which has been moving from submarine cables to more direct terrestrial routes in order to reduce latency. However numerous geopolitical conflicts on our doorsteps highlight the need for geographic diversity in order to ensure reliability.

At Sofia Connect we take the risk of disruption very seriously and, as a result, have always been pursuing a multi-redundancy approach which involves alternative suppliers for our backup circuits.

Given our network's resilience we are in a perfect position to offer reliable world-class IP connectivity for any requirement. E.g. our remote peering service is one popular and very cost-efficient method to achieve routing redundancy and increase control over your traffic besides offering numerous other advantages.

Please feel free to request a meeting with our representatives so we can discuss how we can help you make your international connectivity less vulnerable to physical as well as virtual risks while potentially even reducing your costs for IP transit by adding remote peering to your connectivity mix.

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