Today, 23 of October 2018 at Capacity Europe event, Sofia Connect announced the plans to build a new, completely diversified cable network, connecting Greece and Turkey through Bulgaria.

Sofia Connect has already built half of the route from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, to Kapitan Andreevo on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The route is completely diversified from all existing cable networks to this destination.

“We are in negotiations with two of the biggest DWDM vendors on the market, Ciena and Adva, looking for the best solution that will will allow to transport of much more capacity over the new route from Sofia to Turkey” said our CEO, Mr. Yuliy Nushev.

In the next few months, the stage 2 of the construction plan will beging with engineering and building a new, fully diversified from all existing cables, route from Sofia to the Bulgarian-Greek border.

“This project is a priority for us and I hope we will complete the construction as soon as April next year, so that we can fulfil our customers’ expectations and respond to their demand for bigger capacity,” said Nushev.

The company confirms that the previously announced plan to expand towards the West Balkans is in progress. In the very near future we will present a brand new network, including the acquired companies, connected over a diversified network.

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